Madalyn & Garret | Engagement Session | Louisiana Wedding Photographer |

Lately, most of my sessions have started off with fingers crossed that the rain would hold off long enough to get some gorgeous photos, and this one was no exception! It rained on and off all day leading up to Madalyn and Garret's engagement session, but luckily the sun came out just in time and their session ended with a gorgeous sunset over the rice fields that Garret farms! Rice farming is such a big part of our community here and definitely a big part of Garret's life, being a rice farmer himself, so I loved that they wanted to incorporate that part of their life into their session! 

These two smiled their entire session and were such a pleasure to photograph even through this summer heat and humidity! I'm so looking forward to their wedding that's coming up this June, but until then we can all just swoon over their cuteness a little more here!  Congratulations again on your engagement Madalyn and Garret!