I am a hybrid photographer based out of Southwest Louisiana, who specializes in family, motherhood, and couples portraiture.

I was born and raised in Central Texas just outside of Austin and will always be #TexasProud, but I now call Louisiana home! My husband and I have settled down in our forever home, a newly built farmhouse, on his family land! That is exactly where you can find me most days of the week, at home with my three little loves.. our one year old girl/boy twins Lily and Nash, and our golden retriever named Ford.

My journey to motherhood was not the easiest, and since welcoming our babies Earthside, my passion and yearning for wanting to capture, and hold on to, those quickly fleeting (and sometimes overwhelming) moments of every day life with our babies has only magnified! Our photographs preserve our lives, and help to keep those memories and those feelings that we never want to forget, in the forefront of our minds. As mothers we tend to be the ones trying to document every moment and are rarely the ones captured in them. We need to be present in them as well. For yourself, for your kids, it’s a necessary reminder of those precious moments that will soon be just that, a photograph and a memory.

I want to preserve those moments for you, and give you beautiful keepsakes of heartfelt and authentic moments between you and your loved ones to cherish for generations.

Lily & Nash Rocking Horse Scans-13-13.jpg

“A Thing that you see in my pictures is that i was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”


my photography style

My approach to photography begins with beautiful natural light, candid/authentic connection, meaningful details, and a mixture between analog film and digital photography. I aim to create timeless, heartfelt, and joyful images of life’s most precious moments through the combination of fine art and documentary style photography. It is my hope that these images are held and adored for generations to come. From those first sweet years just you two, to the first few hours and weeks taking in every tiny little detail of that sweet new baby, to the every day routines and sometimes chaotic moments as a family that you find yourself longing for in the quiet of the night. This is where my heart lies, in capturing and preserving those moments of love and life for you.

I am a hybrid shooter, meaning that I shoot both film and digital photography. Yes, old school, medium format film. I have absolutely fallen in love with film photography and the depth and emotion that I feel it gives to an image. There is nothing like it.. the way it captures light, true to life colors, tones, and the soulful quality that it gives. Shooting film allows me to slow down, and really capture those moments worth waiting for, because you only get a limited amount of shots with each roll of film. I love natural light, and film requires good natural lighting, because of this I do still pull out my digital camera when the conditions are best suited for it!

I love to capture families and couples in their own unique way, and direct them in a way that I am able to capture those raw and emotive moments as they unfold naturally in front of my lens. I like to keep my sessions relaxed and slow paced, as I aim to document those beautiful moments with thoughtful intention, so that I can deliver a gallery full of images that you will cherish for a lifetime! I can’t wait to tell your story!


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